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Ivy League Universities by Private Jet

The Ivy League is the world-renowned association of prestigious U.S. universities in the Northeast. All eight institutions of higher learning have centuries of history and a well-earned reputation. Since its establishment, the Ivy League group…

Discover Midwest Cities by Private Jet

The Midwest is home to some of the nation’s largest cities including Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Minneapolis. These cities are thriving business hubs and home to top Fortune 500 companies and major attractions that bring leisure travelers…

Private Charter for Sport Teams

Mercury Jets provides private jet charter services to sports teams. During a busy sports season, teams frequently travel together from city to city for games. Frequent travel in buses or commercial airliners causes significant fatigue, resulting…
Chartering a Private Jet for Group Travel

Chartering a Private Jet for Group Travel

Mercury Jets specializes in private jet charter flights for group travel. Private jets for larger groups utilize aircraft with spacious configurations designed for the specific purpose of your charter flight. Private jet charters…
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