Private Jet Charter Division of Monarch Air Group

Private Jet Charter Division of Monarch Air Group

Mercury Jets is the private charter division of Monarch Air Group. All of our officers are trained and weathered jet and turboprop operators that excel in customer service. Mercury Jets officers utilize only the safest aircraft for your travel needs.

Freedom and flexibility

It’s your choice, your decision.  You let us know when and where you want to travel, what type of aircraft you prefer, and whether you want sandwiches or caviar and champagne.

Your Schedule

Avoid long lines and 3-hour check-ins. Instead of congested terminals with unavoidable delays, exhausting security procedures, and annoying passengers, private charter enables you to swiftly and conveniently board the private aircraft that is ready and waiting for you. No more missed connecting flights or commercial flight delays. No more 5 am departures or 2 am arrivals. You say where and when it is just that simple.

New Destinations

Discover the lost world of the remote untraveled islands. Private jet charter can bring you to the islands of the South Pacific, Caribbean, or anywhere in the world that the standard airlines don’t fly, saving you valuable time by not having to change planes and spend hours in a congested airport waiting for a connection.  Let Mercury Jets whisk you away to your own private paradise.

In-Flight Service

Let us arrange your customized inflight catering and services based on your personal preferences, it’s your choice.  You decide how much or how little service you desire.


Complete privacy and discretion while you work or rest.  No more distractions from annoying passengers looking over your shoulder or talking incessantly.  Increased productivity and peace are only a couple of the benefits of private jet charter.

Arrive With Your Luggage…

You can shop all you want and not have to worry about paying extra to ship it home, lost or stolen luggage, or worry about that precious vase being broken in transit.

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